A City Girl’s Love Letter to the Cities She’ll Never Forget

Fling, Romance, or Love-Everlasting

Some sights in nature have brought tears to my eyes with their beauty, but I’m a city girl through and through. My type of city is one where I can walk around for pleasure or walk to get around, where places are touristy precisely because lots of people dream of visiting them, and where there is a closeness yet respect for privacy that must arise when people live stacked up on top of each other. As Jordan Baker says in The Great Gatsby by F. Scrott Fitzgerald, “I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy”. My kind of city is much the same way.

Some cities I dreamed of visiting since as long as I can remember. Paris tops that list and was a dream come true. Some cities were as breathtaking as I imagined if not more so, like Sevilla. Rome was like stepping into the colorful pages of a history textbook. Amsterdam and Seattle were two of my most pleasant surprises. Vegas is always a good time, and Miami might just be the one that got away. Is there a chance my love affair with Miami might someday be more? 🤫 I don’t know.

Arecibo, Puerto Rico: a little piece of my childhood. San Juan, on the other hand, saw me exchange vows with my husband. Copenhagen, perhaps my most complicated relationship of all. I’ll forever be grateful for what you taught me.

And of course I save the best for last, the love of my life, New York City. My first love and my forever one.

I could go into more details as well . . . but this city girl doesn’t kiss and tell. 😉