About Time

About Time
By Margarita Diaz

Time is either
Exchanged for value
Or wasted.
There is no neutral.

Our time is precious
Because it’s finite.

We don’t get extra,
Even with Daylight Savings.

So value your time.

We need it to heal.
We need it to feel.

We need it to learn.
We need it to earn.

We need it to grow.
We need it to glow.

There are no returns
Or exchanges
On how we spend it.

We can’t buy it.
We can’t borrow it.
So don’t just give it away.

We only get one life
So let’s make the most
Of the time we’ve been given.

Like the hands on a clock, time marches at the same pace for everyone. Yet how we fill our time and our experiences of time’s pace are as different as each of us.

These days we are not short on reminders to practice self-care and gratitude, yet a common sense across our differences is a feeling of being short on time. So I’ve written this poem as a reminder to value time. I hope it finds you . . . at just the right time.

❓Have you taken honest stock lately of how you are using your time?

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