The Little Things

Here and There the Little Things
By Margarita Diaz

Here I am. I’m full of hope.
Of course! If not, I wouldn’t have come.

But the little things I miss from there
Keep popping up almost everywhere.

Not before me, you see
But behind an exchange,
Is the way it used to be
Whispering quietly to me.

“I wish they were this.”
“I wish they were that.”

I’m sad when I think of it
But it’s just where I’m at.

I felt this at times
When my home was “away,”

But I know others feel it
Where their home is today.

It’s not wrong.
It’s okay.
What I miss from yesterday

Hasn’t totally gone away.

I carry it with me
And this thought makes me smile,

For I get to share it
Where I stay for a while.

I may not bring a place –
No opinions will vary,
But a culture, you see
Is quite possible to carry.

I bring who I am
And how I am
To where I am

Not by quieting the whispers
Of the things I left behind.
But by giving them a voice

Beyond the confines of my mind.

I might hug.
I might sing.
I might do some random things!

But if you’ve ever heard your whispers
You just might understand,
That there is so much more to home

Than just the place where we might land.

And so to all those little things,
That I miss when I’m not there;

It’s because I see you
That I simply cannot stare.

For the moment right in front of me
Will not wait and this is clear;
I will choose the NOW instead of wonder

What I’d miss if I’m not here.

Whether homesickness, repatriation or any type of adjustment to a new place or phase in our lives, we all have our version of the little things we miss.

❓ What little things do you miss from where or when . . . you used to be?

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