Michael Jackson Inspired

Also Human Nature
By Margarita Diaz

They did me wrong
But I’d done nothing
To warrant getting hurt that way.

The way I look
Or how I acted
It’s really hard to say.

I looked at you
You’re just a stranger
But memories rose from deep inside.

If we stop
To check our mirrors
We just might make it right.

If they say, “Why? Why?”
Tell them that it’s human nature.

“Why? Why?”
“Do they do it that way?”

If they say, “Why? Why?”
Tell them that it’s not just “they”

It’s “I,” “I,”
I can see it that way.

I was inspired by the music and lyrics of Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature” to write this short poem about another aspect of human nature.

As we consider potential prejudices we feel we’ve suffered or seen others suffer, I propose:

Instead of focusing on “Why have you . . . ?” ask yourself instead, “Where have I . . .?”

Changing “I” will grow the “we.”

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