Here’s Me, Now…

Stepping Out from Behind the Curtain
By Margarita Diaz

It still feels strange,
Stepping out
From behind the curtain.

But it’s just a curtain
To keep us all safe;
A small inconvenience

For all our sakes.

“Breathe slowly.”
”You’ll get used to it,”

We said.

It’s just a curtain
To keep out the bad.

But with or without it,
People got mad.

Not your choice
But our choice.

Who is “us,” “you” or “we?”

We all are.
Just breathe.
It gets easier.
You’ll see.

And it did.
At least for me.

I gave up smiles.
WE gave up smiles.
For months on end
Across the miles.

It’s just a curtain
After all.
Why complain
When the price is so small?

And as we emerge
From behind the curtain,

“Breathe slowly.”
”You’ll get used to it,”

We said.

I see not just your smile
But so much more,
Dear child.
”Where were you?”

”All this time?”

My child,
Their child,
This child,
That child
I see you come alive!

So much more
Than just your smiles

Were covered
For a while.

So here’s me, now
Coming out
From behind the curtain.

Breathe slowly,
Take in every second,

For so little in life . . . is certain.

Here’s me, now . . . stepping out from behind the curtain.

Emerging from the pandemic, this was one of the first pictures I took of myself in a public place without a mask.

What feels strange and what doesn’t depends on what we are used to; so too with cultural differences.

If you are new here, hello! I’m Margarita and I write thought-provoking content about diversity and critical thinking. New York City, my city, is my backdrop and often my inspiration and/or the setting for many of my experiences.

I share my thoughts but not necessarily my opinions, yet all from my perspective.

And now I ask you, whether a time, a place or a state of mind:

❓Where are you, now?

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