Poems: Practical and Personal

Let’s get a little more personal . . . while still exploring practical ways to address these themes that come up across our differences.

Poetry has the potential to connect us at a deep level. Vulnerability comes from sharing from our souls and doesn’t need explicit details. And when our vulnerability connects with that of another, magic happens. Someone sees us and with that, our hearts and minds open up to listening to them in return.

For my poems that ask, “Have you ever felt this way?” please look through this page.

Here you will find poems to help us communicate and build relationships across our differences. They cover the same topics you will find throughout the rest of the site, more or less, but might speak to you in a more personal way.

I hope you’ll stay and visit for a while, and if my words speak to you, I invite you to connect and comment if you’d like. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

🖤 Margarita