Knowledge and Understanding

Anyone can google a concept. The trick is learning to apply it correctly. Diverse in the City™️ In one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes, New Yorker and comedian Jerry Seinfeld voices frustration when the rental car clerk acknowledges Jerry had a car rental reservation, but informs him they didn’t have the car he reserved: See, you know how to take the reservation, you just don’t … Continue reading Knowledge and Understanding

Critical Thinking

It’s always the right time to think for ourselves. Diverse in the City™️ Creative thinking, analytical thinking and critical thinking are different types of thinking that involve different processes and have different objectives. We likely engage in all three when seeking to understand a problem, find new solutions for it and decide on the best course of action. So what is critical thinking? I’ve noticed … Continue reading Critical Thinking

Second Grader Wisdom

“I need a minute to sort out my brain.” My Second Grader What if I had said it instead of my second grader? What about if your least favorite person said it? We receive and value a statement differently depending on who said it. Authority Bias; Halo & Horn Effects I asked my son a question the other day and before answering, he paused, looked … Continue reading Second Grader Wisdom

Seeing the Light

We don’t see the light by being beaten over the head with the lamp. Diverse in the City™️ When we seek to enlighten or persuade others to see things our way, blunt approaches aren’t the most effective. Even the most open-minded of us can be pretty tied to our beliefs, unless it’s an area in which we truly haven’t formed an opinion yet. So what … Continue reading Seeing the Light

In the Spotlight

We don’t shine a spotlight on a star. Diverse in the City™️ We think everyone is noticing us so we don’t need to draw attention to our accomplishments because surely, they will be acknowledged. Or, we are horrified about an embarrassing moment because we are convinced no one will ever forget it. Do either of these sound familiar? The “spotlight effect” is a cognitive bias … Continue reading In the Spotlight