We Are All Different

“Every single one of us is different.” Brad MeltzerFrom the children’s book, “I Am Albert Einstein” As a child, I attended seven (7) different elementary schools before “settling down.” My parents’ journey to provide the best for us involved a few moves, but I had a beautiful childhood filled with love and life-experience lessons on resilience. Some of these lessons involved always being “the new … Continue reading We Are All Different

Have You Been the Yellow Rose in a Red Bouquet?

Have you been the person who looked different than or was perceived differently from everyone else? I have, multiple times. I have been the only Latina in a predominantly white high school class. I have been one of only two non-black students in a predominantly black elementary school classroom. I have been the only bilingual student in a Spanish-language elementary school classroom in Puerto Rico … Continue reading Have You Been the Yellow Rose in a Red Bouquet?