Respectful Disagreement

“I hear you, I’m not trying to convince you, and I’m seriously going to think about what you just said.” Diverse in the City™️ Respectful disagreement is agreeing to disagree and walking away with a better understanding of the other person’s perspective as well as our own. Sometimes in the name of respectful disagreement, we don’t really hear each other but instead rush to close … Continue reading Respectful Disagreement

A Not-So-Fair Fairy Tale

Representation is about more choices that truly reflect our diversity, not just racial but cultural too. Diverse in the City™️ Hans Christian Andersen, Denmark’s most famous author, wrote fairy tales with universal themes that could be appreciated at both a child and adult level. Several months ago, we took our son to see a marionette show here in New York City, presenting three of Andersen’s … Continue reading A Not-So-Fair Fairy Tale

Have You Been the Yellow Rose in a Red Bouquet?

Have you been the person who looked different than or was perceived differently from everyone else? I have, multiple times. I have been the only Latina in a predominantly white high school class. I have been one of only two non-black students in a predominantly black elementary school classroom. I have been the only bilingual student in a Spanish-language elementary school classroom in Puerto Rico … Continue reading Have You Been the Yellow Rose in a Red Bouquet?

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Different Experiences. Different Perspectives.

Welcome to Diverse in the City: Different Experiences. Different Perspectives. As I live my life here in New York City, I will be sharing on topics or moments that spark questions about how we experience, perceive and communicate about matters in our lives pertaining to diversity. Some topics might be more light-hearted and others not. I would love to hear from you! Periodically I will … Continue reading Different Experiences. Different Perspectives.