I’m Home

I’m Home
By Margarita Diaz

If I am anyone and everyone
I’m no one.

If it is everywhere and anywhere
It’s nowhere.

But I am not
Everyone or anyone.

I’m me.

And it’s not everywhere
Or anywhere.

It’s home.

It’s okay to be complete with room to grow.
It’s okay to be home and free to go.

Unless and until we are comfortable with ourselves no matter who we are, we might find it challenging to truly feel comfortable anywhere.

A sense of “wanderlust” might even be a “running away from self” in disguise.

However, finding comfort with who we are doesn’t mean that where we are becomes irrelevant or that we should be able to feel “at home” anywhere.

✨ But that’s just me. ✨

❓What about you?

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